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  • TutorSpot's math tutors understand that all students learn math at different rates, and we believe each student needs a learning plan to match his or her unique needs. Through our learning centers and online tutoring, your child will gain proficiency with math-related terms and concepts, and he or she will soon be ready to handle complex math problems with confidence.
  • Every successful student must be comfortable with writing, yet this aspect of education doesn't come easy for many. TutorSpotwill guide your child through the writing process and help him or her become comfortable with all steps, including thesis writing, research, and argumentation. Our educational centers give students confidence with writing, and we can also help with college application essays.
  • Strong reading skills are the foundation of learning, and getting behind in this area can hinder a child's educational progress. The TutorSpot educational centers identify each child's reading level and build a precisely tailored program to fill in any gaps. Through tutoring, your child will discover the joys of reading and learn to apply these skills to all subjects.
  • Science can be difficult, but it's also one of the most rewarding educational subjects for children who are comfortable with it. TutorSpot's science tutors help kids grasp complex scientific concepts, which can have benefits in other areas of education. Science doesn't have to be intimidating. Our tutoring teaches students to love it.
  • Comfort with a foreign language is a central skill of well-rounded individuals, and it is increasingly important for college applications and job prospects. Learning any foreign language requires extensive memorization and practice, and students must work hard outside of class. TutorSpot's learning centers help kids with the difficult aspects of foreign language and gives them plenty of opportunity to practice.
  • For many students, history can seem like a bewildering jumble of names and dates, but it doesn't have to be this way. At TutorSpot, we focus on making history graspable by inspiring student engagement and encouraging them to think. Through our tutoring, your child will learn to love history, leading to improved grades and a stronger sense of history.
  • Good study habits are central to effective learning, but the best habits are not always taught in school. TutorSpot's online learning program will design for your child a specialized program to enhance learning according to his or her unique needs. The skills we teach include note-taking, time management, efficient studying, and test preparation, all crucial for getting ahead in education.
  • Does your child often struggle with homework? Do you sometimes have trouble providing the help he or she needs? TutorSpot will help fill in the gaps by providing your child guidance and tutoring in his or her problem areas. Homework doesn't have to be a chore. Our online tutoring centers make it fun and help take the pressure off parents.
  • Performing well on state tests is crucial for ensuring that all opportunities are available to your child. But for many kids, taking tests isn't easy, and the high-pressure situation may cause them to perform poorly. TutorSpot's online tutoring and learning centers help prep kids for test day by providing study skills and educating students in the best test-taking methods.
  • Colleges and universities are more competitive than ever, and it often takes strong SAT and ACT scores to get into one's top choice. At TutorSpot, we take the pressure off by helping kids study and prepare for these tests. Our tutors will create a specialized plan to help your child get the highest scores he or she is capable of.

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